How much ASTROLUBE® do I need?

This depends upon the following:

Wrestlers: ASTROLUBE® escapes as people leave the pit. The more wrestlers, the more lube you need.

Clothing: Clothing absorbs ASTROLUBE® and leaves the pit with your contestants. We recommend contestants wear tight fitting swimwear as this reduces the required volume of ASTROLUBE®. 

Splashing: Some splashing is unavoidable, but if your wrestlers get really rowdy, even 55 gallons may not last long.

Pit size or area: The size of your pit determines how much lube is needed to optimally fill it.

ASTROLUBE® depth: How deep do you want the lube? The pit certainly doesn't need to be filled up as a little ASTROLUBE® goes a long way. We generally suggest 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of lube per square foot. It't better to have deeper lube to start if you're going to have more than 5 rounds of wrestlers, lots of splashing or absorbent clothing.

If you want 1/2 an inch of lube per square foot of pit area, the number of gallons you'll need can be calculated by multiplying the total area of your pit by 0.3. For example, if your pit is 8x8 feet = 64x0.3 = 20 gallons. If you have fewer wrestlers and only need 1/4", the total would be 10 gallons. ASTROLUBE® is supplied in containers that enable 10 gallons to be mixed at time, so you can certainly purchase more powder and make more as your event progresses, or have it for another party. 

We do not recommend mixed ASTROLUBE® be stored for more than 2 weeks as a liquid. 



ASTROLUBE® is extremely easy to mix - the key is to blend it into the water as evenly as possible. You can mix it with a mixing paddle, large spoon, or most preferably a cordless power drill with a paint mixer propeller, also available for purchase here. 

It's best to fill your vessel with the appropriate amount of warm water - the powder is supplied premeasured in 5 or 10 gallon containers. 

A flour sifter helps blend in the powder optimally while you agitate it vigorously. 



All you need is:


Appropriate amount of warm tap water

A plastic lined wrestling pit or inflatable kiddie pool to hold the ASTROLUBE® in place for your participants.

Pit Design

The main consideration in where you will put the ASTROLUBE® for your event is having something that will keep it in place. There are many options. 

Inflatable kiddie pools work nicely if you need something that's quick to set up but tend to be on the smaller side.

A tarp can be used as long as there's a lip at the edge. An easy way to do this is to buy 1" PVC pipe and foam pipe insulation, put it together in a square or octagon and wrap the frame in a tarp, taping the tarp to itself on the bottom. Flip it over and you've a perfect basin for containing ASTROLUBE®. 



Download general instructions here.

It's best to start this process a couple hours before you want to wrestle, as this gives enough time for any potential lumps that weren't sifted in finely enough, to hydrate. 

Step 1

Fill the vessel with the appropriate amount of warm tap water - the warmer the water is, the faster it dissolves the powder to make lube. Don't use water that's too hot to bathe in.

Step 2

Place mixer in vessel and begin mixing water while slowly sifting in ASTROLUBE® powder. Try to mix the powder in as smoothly as possible; it can clump otherwise. These clumps may take longer to dissolve completely.

Step 3

ASTROLUBE® will become slippery and thicken quickly when warm water is used. It's better to make it a couple hours before you want to use it so that it will hydrate completely, cool before use, and provide a maximally ASTROLUBElicious experience.

Step 4

Transfer ASTROLUBE® to your wrestling pit and you're ready to wrestle!